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The group of the companies "White line" represents the Austrian quality cheeses from company Käsehof.


Cheese "Sav'er" 45%

Сыр Савьер
The information on a product
Manufacturer: Republic Belarus, Open Society "Savushkin a product"
Factory: Kamenets
Packaging: head
Period of storage: 90 days
Fat content: 45%

The price for 1 kg:
Weight: 6-7 kg

The goods description:

This elite kind of cheese differs pleasant, slightly sweetish taste which turns out at the expense of use in the course of its manufacture of bacteria of a kind of Hilvetikus.

On a cut cheese has there is a drawing from small eyes. Colour of the test - from is weak-yellow to yellow.

Cheese "Saver" is ideal as independent snack, and also can become fine addition to hot dishes from red meat, underlining their taste and giving them an appetizing kind.

Cheese "Saver": refined taste - faultless quality!


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Cheese Sav'er 45%