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The group of the companies "White line" represents the Austrian quality cheeses from company Käsehof.


The group of the companies "White line" represents the Austrian quality cheeses from company Käsehof ("a cheese court yard").

Käsehof - The manufacturer of the first class, non-polluting traditional Alpine cheeses. Traditional Salzburg Emmentaler became the first product Käsehof.The care of cheese in Käsehof begins with a milk choice. Fresh milk of the cows, which summer diet - more than 50 kinds of fragrant meadow grasses, and winter - hay from these grasses is used only. All farmers - suppliers Käsehof - incur the obligation on such feeding of cows.

The special attention and respect in Käsehof appears to traditional skill of preparation of cheeses that in a combination to modern technologies turns to art. Are here again inadmissible neither additives, nor preservatives. The recipe of each cheese is carefully made, the necessary temperature and humidity in cheese cellars is supported, regular tests in cheese maturing are spent. However solving quality factors, consider in Käsehof, the love to the nature, tradition and patience are - a permission to each cheese to ripen and wholly to open taste and aroma.

Refined mountain Bergkeze and delicate Emmentaler with nut notes, gentle Gauda and easy Landkeze, fragrant Bergtaler and melting in the mouth Zitaler, creamy Senkeze for excellent fondu and spicy with leaves of garlic of Berlohkeze - a variety of cheeses Käsehof will delight any fan of cheese. If you yet do not carry yourselves to that simply try gift of the Alpine nature!
Along with the constant own checks, all enterprises pass regular quality checks of independent controllers. All production of company Käsehof is certified by quality symbol AMA Gütesiegel. Also company Käsehof has the European certificate BIO that speaks about biological cleanliness to all ruler of production.

You can get acquainted with all ruler of production of company Käsehof in section the  price.

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