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The group of the companies "White line" represents the Austrian quality cheeses from company Käsehof.


Cheese "Monastyrskiy" 45%

Сыр Монастырский
The information on a product
Manufacturer: Republic Belarus, Open Society "Savushkin a product"
Factory: Kamenets
Packaging: head
Period of storage: 60 days
Fat content: 45%

The price for 1 kg:
Weight: 6-7 kg

The goods description:

At cheese "the Monastic" moderately expressed cheese sourish taste, drawing from small eyes. Colour of the test - from white to is weak-yellow.

Cheese "Monastic" approaches as for preparation of traditional sandwiches, so hot dishes and desserts.


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by phohe:+7 (495) 507-57- 66


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Cheese Monastyrskiy 45%