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The group of the companies "White line" represents the Austrian quality cheeses from company Käsehof.


Firm cheeses

ТВёрдые сыры Firm cheeses differ the high contents of fibers (to 25 %), dairy fat (to 60 %) andmineral substances (to 3,5 %, except for table salt).Cheese is a unique source of the fiber,having almost complete comprehensibility (95-97 %).Also it the main source of Sa and Р in a food.100 г cheeses cover day requirement of the use of calcium completely.

 The wide spectrum of flavouring  indicators,firmness in storage - satisfies the most refined tastes of consumers.Firm cheeses are produced from natural raw materials without addition of dyes and preservatives,with characteristic taste for each kind of cheese.It does all their very valuable foodstuff.Some hundreds kinds of the cheeses different from each other by a chemical compound and flavouring features are known.

Company  " Arsenal PRO" offers bulk deliveries of firm cheese of production of Belarusii, Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Holland, Ukraine.On our site you can familiarise with big Range of  firm cheses  and choose the most suitable. All cheeses differ a choice quality, fine taste and reasonable prices!

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Firm Cheeses